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Improving the Customer Experience

Get it right the first time.

First Call Resolution is perhaps the most powerful call center metric. A focus and improvement in FCR brings the best of both worlds—an improvement in efficiency and effectiveness. You don’t have to worry that you are sacrificing quality because you are reducing costs, or vice versa. When you improve FCR you’re improving quality, reducing costs, and improving customer satisfaction, all at the same time.

Institute a program to measure, track, and manage FCR performance. It’s a key driver of continuous improvement and a key determinant of customer satisfaction. If you don’t measure it you can’t improve!

Our research identified four primary ways of measuring First Call Resolution—customer surveying and three other approaches that deliver internal approximations of First Call Resolution. While each approach has its uses, ultimately, the customer’s evaluation of issue or contact resolution is what matters most. Make sure you ask your customers how well their issues and concerns were resolved.