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What's your cost per meter read?

Meter reading is the critical first-step in the utility revenue collection process, and for many utilities, still a very labor-intensive activity. While the use of automated meter reading technologies (AMR) and advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) is increasing, the majority of electric, natural gas, and water meters are still read manually, on a monthly basis. The process of collecting energy usage readings from each customer each month can be time-consuming and expensive. 

Our research confirms that companies measure meter reading performance in a variety of ways and with varying frequency. Most utilities have multiple measures in place, a combination of effectiveness and efficiency metrics. The two most popular metrics are read accuracy (error rate) and completion rate (percent meters read per assigned route). Safety is the third most popular metric. 

Fewer utilities actively track the cost-per-read, a metric that can be critical to the bottom line and a key stimulus for process improvement.

Benchmarking is an effective technique to understand your level of performance as well as your improvement opportunities. Participating in a benchmarking study will help you learn more about your peers and your own organization. The Ascent Group offers opportunities for your company to participate in benchmarking and best practice discovery through its online benchmarking services

Share your story and find out how others are measuring meter reading performance and reshaping the meter-to-cash process. We offer 2 surveys — Full Benchmarking Survey and Metrics Only Survey.

Full Benchmarking Survey Participants will receive a complementary copy of Meter Reading Profiles & Best Practices upon publication. Metrics Only Survey participants will receive a summary of metrics results.