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Improving the Customer Experience

Promote and Emphasize First Contact Resolution

Make sure your employees recognize the importance of first contact resolution to the customer and your company. Actively promoting First Contact Resolution (FCR) importance increases agent awareness and involvement—agents develop a better understanding of FCR and how it impacts the customer and the bottom line. Training and coaching efforts can address individual agent capabilities and improvement needs. Build FCR into new hire training, refresher training, and remedial training.

Companies reporting significant increases in first contact resolution were actively promoting FCR through internal communications, training and coaching, quality monitoring, and recognition programs.

  • Routinely discuss FCR performance and the impact of repeat calls and rework with your agents.

  • Review FCR performance during coaching sessions and other one-on-one sessions.

  • Communicate agent, team and center-level results frequently to focus attention and rally the forces.

  • Include FCR as a component in your agents’ performance to increase accountability.

Communicate FCR prominently throughout your organization—importance, performance, successes, and challenges. The more your agents know and are involved, the more success you will achieve.