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Call Quality Monitoring Best Practice

The primary purpose of call quality monitoring is to measure the customer experience. Make sure your evaluation criteria represent your customers’ expectations, not what you think is important.

Do you know what your customers’ expect? If you don’t then find out though customer research—interviews, focus groups, expectations surveys, or even calibration sessions. Take the time and spend the money to understand how customers want to be served.

Keep in mind that customer expectations vary from segment to segment and that expectations change over time. Calibrating your call quality program with customer expectations should be an ongoing effort.

Measuring call quality through call monitoring is a labor-intensive process; it’s also high risk, in terms of human factors. Call monitoring is a key determinant of stress in call centers—especially if it’s perceived as being inaccurate, untimely, too frequent, or too intense. So in other words, if you’re not truly measuring what customers’ value then you might just be wasting your time (and money) and subjecting your agents to undue stress