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Billing & Payment Profiles and Best Practices

Billing & Payment Profiles and Best Practices


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Sixth Edition

This report delivers the results of our research on billing and payment practices and technologies. Research was conducted to better understand how companies are improving practices and optimizing technology to increase billing and payment efficiency and effectiveness and reducing operating costs. We asked companies to share strategies and experiences to identify the practices that lead to higher productivity, reduced costs, and increased performance. We also asked companies to provide their plans moving forward as well as lessons learned along the way.

This report also profiles participants in a case study format, sharing current practices, lessons learned, challenges overcome, plans for the future, and business practices that have led to improved performance. In addition, we provide detailed results and analysis from the survey itself and detail "best practices" demonstrated by our participants. Finally, we explore the successes achieved.

Analysis & Graphs included in this Report

  • Billing and Payment Findings & Trends
  • Recommendations for Improvement
  • Innovative or Winning Strategies
  • List of Participants
  • Customer Accounts by Segment
  • Industries represented
  • Billing Frequency
  • Offer Electronic Bill Presentment
  • Offer Electronic Bill Payment
  • % Bills Presented Electronically
  • % Payments Received Electronically
  • % EBPP Participation (By Industry)
  • Web Payment Options
  • Credit Card Payment Options
  • Transaction Fees
  • Other Billing & Payment Practices
  • Average Days to Bill (By Industry)
  • Billing & Payment Service Participation (By Customer Segment)
  • Most Popular Consumer Payment Method
  • Most Popular Business Customer Payment Method
  • Preferred Consumer Payment Channels
  • Walk-In Payments
  • Preferred Business Customer Payment Channels
  • Last Billing or Payment Option Added
  • Credit Card Processing Vendors
  • Internet Payment Vendors
  • Check by Phone Vendors
  • Replacing/Enhancing Billing System
  • Billing & Payment Program Maturity
  • Offer Electronic Bill Presentment & Payment
  • EBPP Program Design
  • EBPP Promotional Approaches
  • Billing & Payment Options Under Consideration
  • Organizational Characteristics: Years of Billing Experience
  • Organizational Characteristics: Percent Annual Turnover