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Meter Reading Profiles & Best Practices

The main objective of the benchmarking study was to evaluate the various meter reading tactics and strategies used today in order to identify best practices or opportunities for improvement. Secondary objectives included understanding:

  • The practices linked to “best-in-class” performance;
  • The range of performance by company and by industry segment;
  • How utilities are using technology to reduce costs and improve customer satisfaction;
  • Other effective process improvement or cost-reduction techniques;
  • How utilities measure individual, team, and center-level performance and encourage high productivity and performance;
  • The role of meter reading training and its impact on performance.
  • How companies are resolving the hard issues, such as inaccessible meters.
  • To know what is possible.

Participants were asked to share management tactics and strategies, as well as identify any improvement in performance. The study also asked utilities to include considerations, successes, and plans moving forward. The full results of our meter reading benchmarking analysis is published in Meter Reading Profiles & Best Practices. 

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