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Contact Quality's Role in Measuring First Contact Resolution

Consider tracking first contact resolution through your contact quality evaluations as well as your customer satisfaction surveys. First contact resolution may be one of the best predictors of customer satisfaction. First contact resolution is most simply what the customer wants—to have the problem or question resolved satisfactorily on the first try, if possible. Achieving high first contact resolution is a wonderful scenario—customers are happier, employees are happier, and management is happier. Why? Because repeat contacts decline, rework is minimized, employees are interacting with happy customers, and operating costs are lower.

Find out if your customers think their issues and questions are being resolved on the first contact by asking them on your customer satisfaction surveys and at the end of your interactions, and include a first contact resolution determination on the contact quality evaluation form.

When first contact resolution is measured through customer satisfaction surveys and call quality forms you get a better understanding of your service delivery performance—from the customer’s viewpoint. It’s a way to take your contact quality program to the next level.

Christine Kozlosky