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Voice of the Customer Drives FCR Improvement


First Contact Resolution measurement has evolved over the last 14 years. Based largely on agent-gathered data in 2003, our FCR research today reveals a big shift to customer-driven measurement. The voice-of-the customer is the primary driver of FCR focused improvement in 2017. Bravo to those companies who have deployed and enhanced customer surveys to measure first contact resolution! 

Measuring First Contact Resolution is the first step towards improvement. Due to the nature of what is being measured—an outcome—it can be challenging. Our research identifies four primary sources of first contact resolution metrics—customers, agents, systems, and supervisors/Quality Assurance. Internally FCR metrics can only assume, by the lack of a repeat contact that the customer's issue has been resolved. Clearly the customer is the best source of whether an issue is resolved or not.


A growing focus on the importance of customer experience over the past 5 to 10 years has necessitated the gathering of customer feedback and input, which has also strengthened FCR measurement.

The Ascent Group has been benchmarking First Contact Resolution since 2003. Each year benchmark report brings new insight into the process of measuring and improving first contact resolution. Find out more about our latest research or learn how your company can participate in our research

Christine Kozlosky