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Improving the Customer Experience

Improving the Customer Experience

The Ascent Group is currently researching Customer Experience initiatives for all industries. We would like to learn more about Customer Experience program structure, strategy and goals, performance, and results. If your company has or is moving toward a culture of Customer Experience, please share your experiences.

The results of this research will be documented in our upcoming report, Customer Experience Initiatives, which will profile participants in a case study format, share current practices, lessons learned, challenges overcome, plans for the future, and business practices that have led to improved Customer Experience. In addition, we will provide an analysis of strategies and approaches, including organization, goals, tactics, and technologies that have improved the Customer Experience and ultimately Customer Satisfaction.

Your can participate in our research, participants will receive a copy of the report. Our survey must be completed by February 28.

Expected Publication: March 31st.

Christine Kozlosky